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Empowering professionals to get productive & healthy with curated online resources


Your workforce is crazy-busy...

How would you like to boost their productivity and your bottom line?

Productivity consulting session

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Productivity boost

We’re productivity consultants who help companies

learn how to leverage the best websites and apps to supercharge their employees’ efficiency and reduce stress, distractions, and burnout.


We specialize in empowering those who are overwhelmed

by today’s ever-changing technology, especially Baby Boomers and GenX-ers who grew up on typewriters instead of smartphones & social media.

Imaging a problem solving magic wand

Imagine solving your staff’s toughest work challenges

by mastering a bit of technology. Executive Productivity Coaching consists of private onsite sessions, crafted to inspire and energize them.

We can teach your workforce how to:

We can help you be more productive Boost Productivity
  • Manage email inboxes more efficiently
  • Remember to-dos and track everything
  • Go paperless and organize files
We can help with your professional development Learn New Skills
  • Stay current with the latest technologies
  • Feel comfortable adopting new company-wide apps
  • Gain insights that will transform how they work

We can help you protect your online privacy and backup your files Protect Sensitive Assets
  • Manage passwords seamlessly across devices
  • Collaborate securely in the cloud
  • Backup files regularly for peace of mind
We can help you find tools to manage your finances Increase Cost Effectiveness
  • Automatically track business expenses & mileage
  • Improve time management skills
  • Streamline their scheduling processes
Productivity consulting session

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: We listen to your employees' needs and problems
We listen to your needs and problems

We prioritize your employees' most urgent productivity issues.

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Step 2: We research our curated list of best-in-class-resources
We research our curated list of best-in-class-resources

We curate a collection of the best-in-class websites & apps.

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Step 3: We match their needs with our curated resources, saving you time and money
We match their needs with our curated resources, saving them time and money

We match their top needs with our curated, time-saving resources.

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Step 4: We teach them how to use them and translate the jargon into plain English
We teach them how to use them and translate the jargon into plain English

We teach them new ways to work smarter and streamline tasks.

DoubleSpaces partners with GSVlabs' ReBoot Accelerator for Women

ReBoot educates, inspires, and empowers women to restart their careers.
Productivity consulting session

We have a lot to offer:


Offer private sessions to your management team
Sounds great for us.
What exactly do we get?

A set of 30- or 60-minute productivity sessions once a month where we help your upper management tackle their most pressing problems

A perfect complement to your existing IT staff. They're skilled in fixing your printer or configuring your internal network, and we provide web- and smartphone-based concierge help with productivity issues

A highly customized set of resources that fit your personal workflow and company culture

A relaxing, private, supportive environment where you can learn at your own pace

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Offer a time-saving perk to your employees
Increase productivity, lower stress & attract new employees.
Sounds great for us.
What exactly do we get?

A 4-hour onsite drop-in event once a month where we help your employees tackle their most pressing problems in convenient 15-minute sessions

A perfect complement to your existing IT staff. We provide concierge help with productivity issues by aggregating personalized web- and smartphone-based solutions

One-on-one "ask the experts" Q&A, personalized for your employees at a convenient office or campus location

Less stressed and distracted employees who can come to work less worried and more focused

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A little about us:

Kathy Lee, productivity tech expert

Kathy Lee, M.A.

As an undergrad at Stanford in the early '80s, Kathy used to feed quarters into the broken-down typewriters in the library to write her term papers. Fast-forward a few years: Every dorm had networked Macs, and even back then, Palo Alto was dripping with technology. Immersed in this brave new world, Kathy discovered she had a natural affinity for anything tech.

Since then, she has done deep dives into graphic design, clinical psychology, and web marketing, including 20 years of building websites for corporate clients. The result? A creative techie who can listen really well. Not to mention someone who has a passion and talent for empowering non-technical people with tools and apps that give them a sense of calm and control over their lives.

Kathy's technology expertise spans productivity, business, entertainment, privacy, finance, and so much more. Nothing makes her happier than helping corporate clients tackle problems that have been hanging over their heads, and seeing the relief when clients realize how these tech-inspired solutions will simplify their lives.

Kathy co-founded DoubleSpaces to help, teach, and inspire others. Read more about her on LinkedIn.

Jackson Powell, productivity tech expert

Jackson Powell

In a word, Jackson is a Renaissance man. Classically trained in fine arts, studio arts, graphic design, and computer animation. Versed in advertising, corporate branding, interactive design, and social media marketing. Equally comfortable designing complex web-based applications, mobile apps, and printed brochures. An advocate of sound design and a seamless user experience. He even knows a little Italian from studying overseas in Florence.

The guy knows how to code, too. He has a deep passion for doing the job right, so he's learned how to build the websites and applications that he designs. Bolt on a shopping cart or troubleshoot a database? No problem.

With this background, you'd think Jackson would be drawn to spending hours in a cubicle, crafting and coding all sorts of interactive experiences. But he has a gift for teaching, helping others, and making people feel comfortable with technology. Clients enjoy his friendly and patient "desk-side manner"as he empowers them to tackle their most pressing problems.

Jackson co-founded DoubleSpaces to give clients relief from feeling overwhelmed by technology. Read more about him on LinkedIn.

We're natural teachers who love to help people learn how to use tech

Our story

Kathy and Jackson began noticing something about their generation who grew up with typewriters (and invariably left double spaces after a period): Friends and colleagues were struggling with the cool tech that promised to transform their lives. Some were overwhelmed and didn't know where to begin, and others tried a few apps but got stuck and gave up.

No one wanted to spend hours slogging through jargon-filled tech reviews, searching for solutions to the problems they grappled with every day. And they weren't about to ask their teenage kids.

So the idea of a productivity consulting service for companies and universities was born. Imagine an expert – who's also a peer – finding the right technology to fit your needs and teaching you how to use it. Someone who's a reassuring bridge to all of the empowering (at times, scary) tech out there and wants to give you the tools to succeed on your own.

And those burning questions you've hesitated asking your tech-savvy friends? They're fair game with a productivity tech expert who creates a supportive learning environment in the privacy and convenience of your office.

Start by booking a free 15-minute get-to-know-us call!

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